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About TCS, LLC

Tate Computer Services, LLC. (TCS) was founded in 1987. Our focus is business applications for the IBM Power Systems Server, or System i (formally the iSeries or AS/400). TCS has been an IBM Business Partner since 1990 and our products are listed in the IBM Global Solutions Directory. 

The IBM System i is a world class server offering a trusted combination of relational database, security, Web services, networking, and storage management capabilities. Its 30-year reputation for reliability and stability are unsurpassed. TCS has built its robust applications using the IBM DB2 relational database on the System i. 

IBM introduced the AS400 in 1988. Followed by the iSeries in 2000. But today's System i, announced in 2008, is not the AS400 of yesterday. The System i has evolved with Open Technology, Multiple Languages including RPG, Cobol, Java, and SQL. Not to mention Mobile Applications, Dashboards, IOT, Cloud, Bluemix, and Watson. Applications written 30 years ago can take advantage of these new technologies. 

And all of this runs on the IBM Power Server hardware platform that now runs three Operating Systems - IBM i, AIX, and Linux. 

The System i is now in 117 countries around the world in every industry sector including Distribution, Manufacturing, Banking and Financial, Insurance, and Retail. Many Fortune 500 companies have the IBM System i running their core business applications. 

TCS has taken full advantage of the rich features of the System i. Our exports to Excel highlight the ease of integration with Office applications. Using the integrated SMTP server we email check stubs, time clock reports, and messages to employees. Using the Advanced Printing Functions we print bar coded badges for employees to clock in and out of our Time and Attendance System. 

We have customers from almost every industry sector. Our products have been interfaced with industry leaders such as JD Edwards, Turning Point Systems, Retalix / NCR, Infor, VAI, and Jack Henry. 

We are committed to the IBM System i and believe it is the Premier System for core business applications with its stability, reliability, and ease of integration with Networks and Office Applications. 

We have customers that have been using our products for over 20 years. If you want to see software that's done right, give us a call. 

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