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Payroll & Human Resources

TCS Payroll and Human Resources is a comprehensive and flexible system, yet its design makes it easy to operate and manage. Setup and training time is minimal even for an application as inherently complicated as Payroll and HR. 


  • Easy and Quick Access to Information

  • Comprehensive Management of Employee Deductions

  • Flexible Reporting Capabilities

  • Complete Federal and State Reporting

  • Time and Attendance Module Available

  • Direct Deposit to Multiple Accounts

  • Positive Pay Module Available

  • Email of Check Stubs

  • Email of Time Clock Report

  • Vacation / Sick / Personal Time Tracking 

We allow efficient entry of pay amounts for hourly and salaried employees, flexible General Ledger Distribution, and printing of an informative pay stub. We also allow easy check reversals. 

System Highlights

Inquiry - The inquiry screens are well organized, easy to use, and designed to allow the user to answer questions quickly (while still on the phone) without running reports. Depending on the users security level, he can see only what he is authorized to see. 

Security - Reduce the number of requests for information to the payroll department by giving managers and users access to information they need. Setup users using the different levels of security and access. Let them research their own questions without compromising confidential data. And, the HR Department is using the same database of employees as Payroll, but they can see only what you want them to see. 

Historical Data - The system maintains full prior year data for as many years as you like. Year-end processing does not drop any detail. However, when working with the current year, it is not cluttered with prior year employees. An employee has teh same employee number for the life of the system, even if re-hired after a long absence. This is essential when running reports across Payroll years for purposes such as Workers Compensation. 

Deductions - Because handling employee deductions is one of the most time-consuming activities of a Payroll Department, we have gone the extra mile to incorporate the features needed to manage them. There are many options to set up a deduction once and know that it will be taken properly in the future. This is especially helpful for garnishments and child support. You can get reports to show what deductions have been taken and what will be taken on future payroll runs. And, on each Payroll run, you can pick and chose which deductions to take to handle those special runs like commissions and bonuses. 

Human Resource Functionality - The system allows entry, tracking, and management of an unlimited number of HR items on an employee. These are all user defined and can include things like employee equipment, performance reviews, compensation changes, position changes, benefits, Cobra, anniversary dates, incidents, accidents, certifications, renewal dates, physicals, and drug screens. There is no limit to what you can track. So instead of each department having spreadsheets to track these things, it can all be done using a single database of employees. This database includes all employees including active, terminated, and even prior years. 

Reporting Features - We have a simple standardized screen for choosing report options. Once you master it, you can create your own reports whether you are running employee labels or an overtime report. If you come up with a report that we don't have, even an industry specific report, we'll build it in on the next release. 

Year End Processing and W2s - If you have dreaded Payroll year-end because of tax changes and W2s, you can relax. Our annual fee includes full tax updates and assistance in processing W2s and Electronic Filing. 

General Ledger Distribution - The system allows full control over how entries are made to the general ledger. Distribution can be made by Cost Center (or Job) for Job Cost Reporting. All indirect burdens such as Employer Social Security and Medicare, FUTA, and SUTA can be distributed by Cost Center for full Job Cost Reporting. An employee can be paid in multiple Cost Centers on a single check. The system has a Labor Cost Report showing all labor expenses in a Job Cost Report format. 

Vacation, Sick, and Personal Time - The system allows managing Vacation, Sick, and Personal (VSP) time with a variety of features. During time card entry, the system will highlight employees that have exceeded maximum VSP hours allowed. The Personal Time category allows tracking things such as bereavement, medical appointments, jury duty, etc. 

Time Clock - The Time and Attendance System allows employees to clock in and out using their workstation or a swipe card. The time can be posted directly to Payroll. Employees can view remaining VSP time (Vacation, Sick, and Personal Time) and detail of previously taken VSP.

Standard Feature Summary

  1. Multi-Company capability

  2. Comprehensive management of Vacation, Sick, and Personal Time

  3. User defined Pay Types for commissions, bonuses, etc.

  4. Direct Deposit to multiple accounts

  5. Simple check reversal using employee number and check number

  6. Full audit trail of changes to employee records

  7. Full control of Payroll entries to the General Ledger

  8. Intuitive easy to use inquiry screens 

  9. Flexible security options to tailor what each payroll user can view and access

  10. Comprehensive Deduction processing

  11. Complete Federal and State tax reporting 

  12. Workers Compensation Reporting 

  13. Powerful and flexible reporting options

  14. Unlimited historical reporting

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