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Retalix Power Enterprise Add-ons


We have developed several Add-on Products specifically designed for Retalix. Our Products reside outside the Retalix Libraries so as to not interfere with vendor updates. 


Financial Statement Report Writer

The system extracts data from the Retalix General Ledger. It allows the user to define Financial Statements, line by line, in an easy to use environment. Once a statement is built, the user can view the report with balances on-line with drill down capability. Or export the report to Excel. 

All statements can be run for a single location or for multiple locations. 

The report writer highlights missing accounts and duplicated accounts within a financial statement. This is all done on-line without running reports. 

Sales Analysis 

The system extracts data directly from invoice history so the numbers are always up to date including credits that have been posted. 

The user can view sales by Customer, Sales Rep, Territory, Chain, and Customer Type. And sort by Gross Profit Dollars or Gross Profit Percent. 

See your most profitable Customer, Sales Rep, Territory, Chain, or Customer Type at a glance. Then drill down to see sales by Item Class. Or drill all the way down to the invoice or item level. 

Bids / Order Guides / Customer Usage - to Excel / FTP / Email

We create a standard format for each of these files and can customize it by customer. A setup file determines if the file is sent via Email or FTP for a particular customer of chain. 

Enhanced A/R ACH Processing

Our enhanced system can increase the accuracy of ACH batches and reduce the work load for ACH processing. 

  • The user runs an aging report detailing the invoices, credits, and adjustments to be paid, and the cash discount if any, before creating bank file. 

  • Automatically assign a check number to ACH Payments enabling the A/R Statement Inquiry to show what invoices were paid together on what day. 

  • Email ACH Payment Notification to the customer showing full invoice detail. 

Enhanced A/R Aging Reports

Our enhanced reporting allows greater selection criteria and a variety of sorting options.

  • Summary or Detail

  • Age by Customer Terms or 30/60/90/120

  • By Customer or Statement Customer

  • Select by the following

    • Location​

    • By age - Over 30/60/90/120

    • Customer or Chain

    • Sales Rep or Territory

    • Customer Terms

    • Customer Type

    • Statement Day

  • Sort by the following​

    • Alphabetical or Customer Number​

    • Age - Oldest Accounts First

    • Balance - Largest Balance First

Commission Reporting

The enhanced reporting allows flexibility in how commission is calculated and provides an audit trail for research and analysis. 

  • Flexible hierarchy using the Commission Override File, Sales Rep Master, and Commission Scale File.

  • Calculate on Gross Sales or Profit

  • Include or Exclude Allowances

Food Show Reporting

The enhanced reporting gives a thorough analysis of increased demand for the Purchasing Department and Customer performance based on bookings. 

Purchasing Analysis

  • Shows all New Business

  • Shows all Increased Business

  • User defined time period for determining new and increased business

  • Select by Vendor and Sort by Buyer

  • Option to print full Customer detail

Customer Booking Analysis

  • Show booked versus actual quantities

  • Combine full case and broken case quantities

  • Select by Customer and Sales Rep

  • Optionally show Sales, Cost, and Gross Profit

  • Export to Excel

Food Show Book

  • By Vendor and Booth

  • Export to Excel

  • Print Labels for pre-registered Customers

Enhanced Picking Labels

Our Enhanced format highlights the significant information on the label to allow for greater accuracy in picking, loading, and delivery. The printing is done using a standard laser printer and requires no special equipment. 

  • Fully interfaced with the Retalix process

  • Allows directing labels to printers based on Warehouse Area

  • The Picking Slot is printed LARGE and BOLD

  • The designation for EACH is clearly designated

  • The ROUTE and STOP number are printed large and bold

Sales Tax Reporting

Our enhanced reporting allows getting complete and accurate totals by city and county.

  • If a city or customer is serviced out of more than one location, the report will show a consolidated amount for that tax authority.

  • An additional report shows any tax code changes that have occurred during the month. 

Additional Reporting

​Use our expertise to develop reports like these to make managing your business easier

  • Fill Rate Report

    • Show Cases Ordered versus Cases Shipped - by Customer or Chain​

  • Perfect Order Report​

    • ​Total invoices with no Outs and no Credits​​

  • Fee Code Report​

  • Validate Items in a Bid or Order Guide

  • Driver Manifest - on Demand

  • Customers with no Order for a given Route Day

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