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Custom Software Development

We have over 20 years of experience in Custom Software Development. Its the same expertise used to develop our Accounting Modules and Distribution Add-ons. 


  • Standardized naming conventions for Database Files, Fields, and Programs.

  • Standard Screen design and techniques so that users have a consistent experience across applications. 

  • Documentation both external and internal to the programs.

  • Modular design to maximize programmer productivity and minimize modification complexity.

  • Whenever possible, our modifications or Add-on Products, reside outside the Vendor Libraries so as to not interfere with Vendor updates. 

A program that runs is not complete until it is well organized, easy to understand, documented, and can be modified by another developer. 

We have extensive experience in modernizing System 36 Environment programs. Our methodology allows for a gradual and systematic migration to Native Environment. 

IBM System i Custom Programming, IBM iSeries Custom Programming, IBM AS400 Custom Programming, System 36 Environment, RPGLE, Retalix. 

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