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Accounts Payable


Our Accounts Payable system is a well designed and comprehensive system. And it's very user friendly. We allow easy entry of invoices and credits, and payment processing via Check or ACH. 

The system allows very detailed distribution to General Ledger for tracking expenses and financial reporting. It interfaces directly with our General Ledger. Or, it can be interfaced with your existing General Ledger with the use of an interface process.



  • Comprehensive Vendor Setup

  • Easy to use Invoice and Credit Entry

  • Interface to the Purchase Order System​ to Retrieve 

    • Vendor, Invoice, Amount, and Date

    • Previous payments on this PO

  • Inquiry into Invoices and Checks 

    • All Invoices by Vendor, Invoice Number, or PO Number ​

    • Open Invoices by Vendor, Due Date, or PO Number

    • Checks by Check Number, Vendor, Invoice, or PO Number

  • Payments via Check, Manual Check, or ACH ​

  • Reporting

    • Open Payables​

    • Credit Balances

    • Cash Requirements

    • Point-in-Time Balances

    • Check Register

    • General Ledger Distribution Journal

  • Positive Pay processing ​

  • 1099 Processing​

    • 1099-MISC​

    • 1099-NEC

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