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Time and Attendance

TCS Time and Attendance is a stand alone system for tracking employee time that runs on the IBM System i. The system runs entirely on the System i and allows an employee to clock in and out at a workstation or using a swipe card. 

The system allows easy review and maintenance of employee time and has security options to allow managers to view only employees at their location or in their department. 

The system is fully integrated with TCS Payroll allowing time to be posted directly to Payroll for payment. 

Clocking in and out can be done at any workstation with the use of a simple command or menu option. An employee can also clock in and out using a swipe card device attached to a PC. 

The system allows employees to enter "memo time" to account for times when the employee forgets to clock in or out. All memo time must be approved by a manager. 

The system can be used to track attendance only even for those employees that are not paid hourly. 

The system allows entering Vacation time in advance to assist with planning and scheduling Vacation time by location or department.

The Time Clock Report can be emailed to the employee along with the check stub. 

Contact us for a quick online demo. 

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