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Specialty Expertise Areas


Over the years, in the process of assisting our Distribution customers, we have acquired expertise in several areas. 


Warehouse Automation with Knapp

  • We have extensive experience working the Knapp Automation Solution. Knapp has a superior Warehouse Control System (WCS). And, if you want to keep your current IBM System i Warehouse Management System (WMS) we can assist with the interface between the two. 

Controlled Substance Order Monitoring for the Pharmaceutical Distributor

  • We worked with a Pharmaceutical Distributor to enhance their system to accommodate the DEA Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Part 1301. This is the mandate dealing with Suspicious Orders of Controlled Substances.  

  • This is a Proactive approach as opposed to a Reactive one. In other words, the system must recognize and hold a suspicious order. Not suspicious Sales after the fact. 

Electronic Data Interchange

  • TCS has extensive experience with EDI. We have worked with most transaction sets in both the X12 Standard and XML format. We are also familiar with the emerging technology regarding Track and Trace in the Pharmaceutical Industry. 

Green Screen Modernization using Presto

  • We use Fresche Solutions Presto to modernize Green Screens. This product is especially nice since it does not require modifications to the underlying RPG and DDS code behind the scenes. Green screens get a nice graphical look with minimal effort. 

Knapp, IBM AS400 Knapp, IBM iSeries and Knapp, IBM System i and Knapp, Warehouse Automation. 

SOMS, CSOM, Suspicious Order Monitoring, Controlled Substance Order Monitoring, DEA CFR 1301. 

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