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General Ledger 


The General Ledger system is made up of two main components – the General Ledger and the Report Writer. The General Ledger is a full function system that includes the standard Trial Balance and General Ledger. The Report Writer component allows generating a large variety of Financial Statements and Excel File formats.


General Ledger Features

  • System Options

    • 12 or 13 Periods

    • Calendar or Non-Calendar Fiscal Year

    • Unlimited Historical Reporting

  • Chart of Accounts

    • Flexible Account format

    • Main Account / Sub Account 1 / Sub Account 2

  • Journal Entries

    • Quick Entry Method

    • Long Entry Method

    • Reversing Entries

    • Recurring Entries

    • Multiple Locations supported

  • Account Inquiry

    • Drill down to full detail

  • Fiscal Year Close​

    • There is no Fiscal Year Close. ​

    • The design allows having multiple years open with correct beginning balances

    • Allows accurate Financial Statements in the current year even if the prior year is still open

    • Prior period entries are allowed with proper identification and audit trails


Report Writer 

The purpose of the Report Writer is to facilitate the generation of Financial Statements and Excel Exports using the data from the General Ledger System. The Report Writer does much more than generate the standard Income Statement and Balance Sheet.



Subsidiary companies can be maintained on the System i as a “Location” in the General Ledger. This allows multiple subsidiaries to be maintained on the System i and provide for consolidated financial reporting.


Feature Summary

  • The ability to build and view Financial Statements on line.

    • View account balances for each line

    • View account detail for account ranges

    • Check for missing or duplicate accounts within a statement

    • Drill down into account detail of debits and credits

    • Define reports for groups of accounts, as opposed to full statements, to allow on line inquiry and research.

  • The ability to generate statements for a single location or consolidated.

    • Any report definition can be run for a single location or consolidated.

  • The ability to import any statement directly into Excel.

    • Export a simple trial balance with optional prior year comparison

    • Export all 12 or 13 periods into Excel

    • Export a period comparison into Excel using current or budget balances

    • Define reports for the purpose of researching any group of accounts.

  • The ability to group and secure reports by user

    • Each report is protected by a password.

    • A report can be used by any user but changed only by the owner.

  • The Report Writer works for 12 or 13 period accounting.

  • The Report Writer is completely real-time. New entries into the GL are immediately recognized by the Report Writer.

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